Thursday, November 22, 2012

Manga e chocolate pra ti!!! And for us a new website...

Soon we are completing our new website... and you will be able to access us in a double way! We will continue our blog... until PT12 gets tired. But she never gives up.

Here are some pictures of our great concert last week in CHB, in Berlin!

Thanks for the support and see you soon with more manga and chocolate!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


GRACIES danke obrigado arigato thank you tak gracias
danke obrigado arigato thank you tak gracias danke
obrigado arigato thank you tak gracias danke obrigado
arigato thank you tak gracias danke obrigado arigato
thank you tak gracias danke obrigado arigato thank you
tak gracias danke obrigado arigato thank you tak gracias

for the fish, den Tisch
am freien Luft, the lust
unendless as your water,
água boa gozaimasu que
delícia, temperatura ideal,
esquinas viejas, luz opaca
amarela, blue sky, so dry,
we tried not to like some
of your wine - impossible.
Thank you beautiful sea,
wir wollen MEER, your
stones don't hurt underneath
our feet - nossas solas do pé
sem tuas pedras estarão solas,
nuestra piel se pondrá opaca
sin tu luz - o que restará será
saudade imensa e vontade de
mais e mais e mais meer meer...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

San Ima live in Cadaqués this Saturday in La Sala :)

Once upon a time in a little village of Costa Brava someone dreamed a night full of magic sounds and good vibes... 
it becomes real this Saturday!

where? in LA SALA  at  00:30h

...after the beach, the fish, la siesta and the wine...before it starts again...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bar-San-Lona - twice this weekend!!!

Friday 17.07  22h in Orfeó Martinenc, Barcelona
San Ima in BCN
By Paisaje En Grano de Arena:

PT12, vocalista de intenciones sinuosas, y Aretchan, teclista de programaciones digitales, me dieron a luz entre la bruma de la nova bossa, la electrónica y el pop melacólico, como una marea de energía musical vaporosa, fresca y calmada. Escucha. Mi nombre es San Ima.

Estaré en el TresB bar del Orfeó Martinenc la noche del viernes 27. Cenaré allí mismo, me tomaré alguno(s) de los fantásticos gintonics que prepara Dani Amat, y comenzaré a regalarme a las 22h. T'animas, sí? 

Saturday 18.07  21h in Rouge Bar, Barcelona
Clase Sencilla & San Ima
By Misterious man and Aretchan:

Esta noche de verano será especial, tenemos regalos sonoros sobre un rojo de noche y poesia.
Clase Sencilla y San Ima se encuentran para disfrazar la noche de verdades y recuerdos. 
Clase Sencilla es el nombre con el que Paulino Campos decidió nombrar su carrera como compositor.
Definir su sonido no tiene demasiado sentido pues no trabaja con conceptos plenamente melódicos o estructurales sino a través de emociones puras y es ahí dónde reside 
la magia de este proyecto.
La repetición, el ruido y la sensación de gravedad es la esencia de estos primeros temas que ponen un pie en el ambient y otro en la electrónica más escurridiza.

San Ima. Who are we? If you don't want to read Hegel and find out (or not) by yourself, we give you a little something. We are a music band of eletronic nova bossa and melancholy-pop beats travelling through time and space, currently coming from Rio and Barcelona to Berlin...

te lo vas a perder?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

20. July - Bath and Beats in the Arena, Berlin!

Es wird feucht und fröhlich!

Im Pool mit Freunden der Sonne und
Musik fröhnen.
Wasserbälle, Supersoaker, Sonneschirme,
Flip-Flops und Badehosen sind erwünscht!!

Musikalische Untermalung von Freunden für
Freunde und jene die es werden wollen :)

Neben dem Element Wasser wird auch Feuer
eine gewisse Rolle an diesem Abend spielen.
Seid gespannt!



Iman Deeper mit VJ Pharaz
Mark Morris
San Ima



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

San Ima is part of SoundGroundBerlin

We are happy to be part of the SoundGroundBerlin family and to have our song Nuvens in the first SGB compilation! To know more about the project...

SoundGroundBerlin - Teaser from SoundGroundBerlin on Vimeo.

SGB on Facebook

"Berlin is an adventure playground, in which many creative people can artistically run wild, try ideas out and fulfill their ambition! They produce the vibrations that let us become children of this city worldwide. But the next generation right in front of our door needs support.
SoundGroundBerlin (SGB) supports musical newcomers that bring fresh sound to our city: raw, uncut, authentic – without fitting the cliché of the unlistenable or the extreme.
We start with a compilation, on which musicians from Berlin present themselves. It’s only for those who don’t have a record contract yet – despite maybe having founded their own label, so they were able to publish via a record label at all.
As you might imagine regarding a sampler from the melting pot of Berlin, the participants have roots in France, Italy and Spain, as well as in Turkey, USA, Brasil, and many more countries. The sampler is followed by a concert series and a festival.
We wish, that through these actions the young artists receive more public attention and have an easier entrance into the music business. Of course there are many more musical competitors in this city trying to live their dream. They rehearse at remote locations and move in a cultural sphere one seldom comes across.
SGB wants to encourage you, to take the chance to go with us on exciting discovery trips into the Berlin underground scene and to immerse into its unique soundscapes.
Or in other words: Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Zosch this Friday!!!

15. 6 Friday is Zosch time, with cosy clouds and fresh beer to prepare the hohoohoohot Saturday....

Concert starts at 21h, free entrance: make your donation to the Holly Now project- San Ima

in Zosch, Tucholskystr. 30, Berlin


... we are also celebrating to be part of the Sound Ground Berlin's family! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We are back in Neukölln - next Thursday in Werkstadt!

The San Ima* Post informs:

♪♫♪♫♫ "We are back in Neukölln, 
so does the summer"    
Thu./Do. - 31.5.12   
at Werkstadt,  Emserstr. 124, Berlin   20h

[free entrance]

"Our little german summer has arrived. We are happy to celebrate this abstract reality in

an indoor space in Neukölln - and dedicate a new song for this special hothothot moment"

[Special hothotmoment includes:

PT12, Aretchan, VanTa and Zulu - a complete package]


Saturday, May 12, 2012

17th of May - Kulturstrand in Munich

... who will be in Munich with us on the 17th of May?

a. the sun
b. the cocktail (Mojito or Caipirinha)
c. the weisswurst
d. you
e. everything and more

Where? Here: 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Du da da!

Our new song is online- Du da (german) or Duda (spanisch), we are still confused with love issues! Enjoy...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hallo birds!!!

San Ima wishes the winter a good (and long) sleep,
and says hi to the millions of birds arriving back...
hello spring time!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tomorrow at ZMF- "San Ima‘s spring theory- the Band arrival"

♫♪♫♫    "San Ima - the Band"    Wed./Mit. - 14.3.12     Start: 22h  [free entrance]
@ Zur Möbel Fabrik (ZMF): Brunnenstr. 10  

"Our drummer arrived. So we found the particles which were missing for our big spring theory. They started with a "blum tschaca tschaca bimbimbim... on a 14th of March"

[[San Ima -live-

   Echo Brutes

   Christian Dach & Pete Rushka

   DJ Athila the Hun]]

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our new song is online!

Fresh from our winter days, filled with thoughts in warmer nights. Uma canção is there!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

San Snow

Since the snow has arrived..
we concentrate our energy
in cooking cakes and huging friends,
counting flakes and fighting pillows...

carrot, chocolate, strawberries
julia and marc, and all of you
1, 2, 80.000
of white small nano-little-freezing things...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 is just the beginning...

 PT12 has something to say...
com um pouco de água e sal!!!  **♪♫♪♫♫