Wednesday, June 20, 2012

San Ima is part of SoundGroundBerlin

We are happy to be part of the SoundGroundBerlin family and to have our song Nuvens in the first SGB compilation! To know more about the project...

SoundGroundBerlin - Teaser from SoundGroundBerlin on Vimeo.

SGB on Facebook

"Berlin is an adventure playground, in which many creative people can artistically run wild, try ideas out and fulfill their ambition! They produce the vibrations that let us become children of this city worldwide. But the next generation right in front of our door needs support.
SoundGroundBerlin (SGB) supports musical newcomers that bring fresh sound to our city: raw, uncut, authentic – without fitting the cliché of the unlistenable or the extreme.
We start with a compilation, on which musicians from Berlin present themselves. It’s only for those who don’t have a record contract yet – despite maybe having founded their own label, so they were able to publish via a record label at all.
As you might imagine regarding a sampler from the melting pot of Berlin, the participants have roots in France, Italy and Spain, as well as in Turkey, USA, Brasil, and many more countries. The sampler is followed by a concert series and a festival.
We wish, that through these actions the young artists receive more public attention and have an easier entrance into the music business. Of course there are many more musical competitors in this city trying to live their dream. They rehearse at remote locations and move in a cultural sphere one seldom comes across.
SGB wants to encourage you, to take the chance to go with us on exciting discovery trips into the Berlin underground scene and to immerse into its unique soundscapes.
Or in other words: Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Zosch this Friday!!!

15. 6 Friday is Zosch time, with cosy clouds and fresh beer to prepare the hohoohoohot Saturday....

Concert starts at 21h, free entrance: make your donation to the Holly Now project- San Ima

in Zosch, Tucholskystr. 30, Berlin


... we are also celebrating to be part of the Sound Ground Berlin's family! 

Monday, June 4, 2012