San Ima was formed in the end of 2010 by the brazilian electro djane Anaís Furtado and the spanish musicologist Alejandro Pardo in Berlin.  Both were looking for a different freedom they hadn't found yet. Anaís had left long years of travelling as a model to built up a dj career in Berlin, which evoked in her a deeper wish of a musical expression. Alejandro came from a family of musicians and opera singers and followed the roots of german philosophers until Berlin.

Their meeting can be understood as a magical happening of coincidence and destiny. Anaís sang the cuban revolution classic "Hasta siempre" and the impression was already made. She had found in Alejandro a creative partner, interested in her poetry and homeless melancholy of a so called "forever foreigner feeling". 

Their life, musical and thought experiment resulted in the album "San Ima" (2011) - that is a mixture of electro, pop and nova bossa songs which combines fresh melodic lines and melancholical beats with existential questions.                          

San Ima's show is a performance of the futuristic characters PT12 and Aretchan. For them San Ima is the Saint of Now. PT12 and Aretchan collaborate with different musicians and vjs on stage, who take part on an experience of musical-visual dialogue and delicate weirdness. 

San Ima is currently working on the second album Nova Bossa Nossa in Berlin, in collaboration with the new members Andrea Z.(percussion) and VanTa (visual and sound designer).

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